“Murder In Their Midst II” in local CNY group art gallery show at Wildflowers Armory

Getting a little spooky and macabre, “Murder In Their Midst II” is now being featured in the group art gallery show The Black Masquerade!

Rebecca Miller illustration Murder In Their Midst Syracuse New York

The Black Masquerade art gallery group show is currently be held at Wildflowers Armory (225 W. Jefferson Street, Syracuse, NY).


Getting Motivated & Organized : The Storyline

Of all things that are most dubious, daunting or otherwise… none compare to the storline. If your jazzed about it, the complexity and excitement shows. If it’s just straight ‘meh’… it will get amplified. And if you’re in my boat…it’s downright terrifying (but in a good way).

Consider your own fears (for better or worse) an excellent reason to get motivated or view them as an opportunity for some good ol’fashion introspection. With the right amount of the stuff and harnessing it correctly, fear (or rather the urge to overcome it) can prove a to be a powerful ally.

Stepping Up to the Plate: The Storyline The storyline for the graphic novel of my mine is just about laid out. Some authors use post its, cue cards,  notecards…or just binders of scrap paper thrown together. Use whatever the method works for you. 

Those little index notecards just happen to be the right size for the sections of the narrative. Some sections happen to be more full, others… not so much. But good writing should be a blend of both a slower pace sequences matched near faster paced.

Consider your favorite piece of writing (or yarn, flick or graphic novel). There’s a pacing, a rhythm, a sort of melody in the way events and characters happen. 

The cool thing about index cards is that you can shuffle them around and rewrite or reorganize them without getting too overattached to them*. The flexibility is a happy sandbox for which you can really play around with.

*(The majority of good writers have the common advice of “not getting married to the first idea but rather having it be a springboard for new ideas”. Also, unless your James Joyce, your first go’round will be pretty raw/cruddy to begin with. Gotta start somewhere though! )

New Store + New Show!

A fresh look, new store, and new gallery show exhibit is up and just in time with the turning of the fall leaves. If you’ve followed me on past escapades back on “onedayonesketch”, the illustration fun and art adventures will continue here. Some choice posts from the ol’ blog will be posted here as a nod back to the awesome illustration + art journey so far.

New Store

I’ve partnered up with the amazing crew at Design By Humans and a new piece “Conflict Resolution Kit” is now live and for the new store debut. Grab your mitts on a tee or print!

Conflict Resolution Kit by Rebecca Miller (c) Rebecca Miller illustration 2016

Current Gallery Show Exhibit

If you’re in the upstate New York area (c’mon… with the fall leaves turning soon why wouldn’t you be?) the amazing Tech Garden Gallery in Syracuse, NY has a David Bowie tribute gallery show now up and running. The “We Can Be Heroes” show is up from September 22nd, 2016 through December 2nd.

"David Bowie As Tesla" illustration and "David Bowie: A Mic To Our Hearts" illustrations as seen in the "We Can Be Heroes" art gallery exhibit at The Tech Garden in Syracuse, NY. (c) Rebecca Miller illustration 2016

Two pieces of mine are in the show and are even better in person!

"We Can Be Heroes" David Bowie art gallery tribute show art pieces.

Amazing turnout and major kudos to all the artists in the group show.

(prints available here)

From the Archive: The Cutest Couple series

The Cutest Couple: OJ + Toothpaste. Rebecca Miller illustration. The Cutest Couple: Cesium & Water. Rebecca Miller illustration. The Cutest Couple: Pineapple & Lube. Rebecca Miller illustration.

The Cutest Couple series started from April 12, 2015 through April 14th, 2015 and contained six couples: Fork & Outlet, OJ & Toothpaste (seen above), Molotov Buddies: Alcohol & Fire, Cesium & Water (seen above), Pineapple and Lube (seen above), and Duct Tape & Knife.

Tee shirts, prints, and stickers available here!

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(c) Rebecca Miller illustration

From the Archive: The Body Oddity 2015 calendar

The Body Oddity 2015 calendar - Rebecca Miller illustration


The Body Oddity 2015 calendar - Rebecca Miller illustration

2016 Body Oddity Calendar

The Body Oddity 2016 calendar features beautiful anatomical illustrations of the many curiosities the human skeleton structure can allow. This calendar features anatomical illustrations of a corset ribcage, Siamese Twins (conjoined twins),  bone cancer (sarcoma),  elongated skulls (lipombo), elongated necks (Kayan Lahwi tribe), gigantism, living statue syndrome (Fibrodysplasia progressiva ossificans), lotus feet (foot binding), sixth fingers, tails, and more!

Now available here (for a limited time). 

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These blog posts first appeared  on December 25th, 2015, December 27, 2015, and December 30th, 2015.

(c) Rebecca Miller illustration

From the Archives: Boris the Soviet Love Tank

Boris the Soviet Love Tank - Rebecca Miller illustration

Starting off with a very rough pencil sketch (left piece) and moving on to working in the details of piece. The overall layout of the sketch is where all the final “what if I put this here?” or “that doesn’t work” comes into play. Always, always, make sure your pencil roughs stay clean around the edges! Since this illustration is of a KV 2 (Russian military tank), I had to research different versions of the tank specs and schematics to make sure accuracy was held (where it could be).

When it comes time to start inking up (right piece), make sure you are using an appropriate inking media or utensil. Since this piece is going be using watercolor for shading and coloring… I went with a  pot of India ink and pen and supplemented it with a Faber Castell India ink pen (brush nib). Paper is white cotton rag 110lb and as creamy in texture and glorious to boot! Though I can’t name the paper (for reasons) I’d recommend either Arches (if you’ve got the bugdet) or Crane’s Lettra. Hot press will give you a smooth paper finish and cold press will give you a rougher paper finish. The watercolor and ink will react differently to the paper… so keep that in mind!

And below is the final, finished version of Boris the Soviet Love Tank! If you’re a WOT (World of Tanks) person, this one may look a little familiar.

Boris the Soviet Love Tank - Rebecca Miller illustration

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 This post first appeared on January 9th, 2016. Prints and tee shirts available here.
(c) Rebecca Miller illustration