Characters (update)

Moving into the character concept development phase and it’s been going pretty well. Starting to see how the players will take to the stage and height differences. E.g. where does someone’s elbow line up next to another character.

Also, nice excursion to a local Japanese tea house will get the creative hubbub roaring. Highlights included Pu erh, Lapsang Suchong, and a nice matcha. Yes, that’s three teapots going at once.


In otter sketching news…

Working on secondary characters. This otter-ly friendly character is going to appear more on the second half of the novel. Worked through preliminary sketches for general personality and facial expression. Main emotional palette is bouncing between happy/laughing/smiling, ADHD distracted, and at times melancholic. Great character to really get a chance to do justice. The otter’s sideburns is befitting.

Character Development :: Building up

In certain scenarios, if you’re uneasy in how to replicate a character, start with the basic geometric, shapes or forms. If you have access to underlying skeletal features… even better! Next, start to add details. Lastly, finalize with stronger linework.

Muscle memory of the underlying forms and structures will allow for an easier flow of how the skin atop it naturally falls or covers the skull, bones, or muscles. 

References: sketching and field trips

Sketching from life (still life, life drawing, field sketching) is a handy exercise to keep your eye trained that reference drawing can’t compare to. In this case, a field trip to a zoo that had a small variety of deer proved relaxing, informative, and downright fun. Most of the sketches were tonal or gestural. There were definitely angles of how the jaw located to the neck, unusual behaviors which the deer displayed, and  new body physiology that a reference photo (even Google’s hoard) couldn’t really display (re: folds in the fur, environmental details).



Needless to say, if you can get out there and sketch your subject (even little thumbnails), it’ll improve your drawing and educate your artistic endeavors.