‘The Body Oddity’ illustration series at The Gear Factory group art show

‘The Body Oddity’ illustration series as featured in Syracuse, NY art gallery The Gear Factory.The show is running from May 13 – 17, 2019.#syracuse #rebeccamillerillustration #bodyoddity


WIP: Castlevania Skatedeck art for upcoming gallery show.

WIP skatedeck for upcoming Deck The Halls skateboard show on Dec 15th (at The Gear Factory , Syracuse).

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“Nauseated” in the Central New York Yo Mama! Art Gallery Show at Wildflowers

Awesome artwork at the Wildflowers Armory (@wildflowers_syr ) going on!

Stop by today to see “Nauseated” + stellar works by fellow cool Central New York artists : Jamie Becker Kekevian, Hannah Bewsher, Lisa Kane Richards, Ian Reed, @rawpatches (Rebecca Miller), Kara Lynn Daviau, Misse Thomas, Lee Spencer + more!

The show runs for the next month if you can’t get out to see it today with your Mama!

The Doc(tor) is Sin

After being intrigued, nay, engulfed by the brilliant artwork of gig posters, traditional tattoo design work, and many copious hours of listening to the the hilarious interviews at either San Diego Comic Con or New York Comic Con of the duo behind The Venture Bros. (and excellent cult-classic cartoon. Think “what would happen if Johnny Quest started aging?”) … an illustration piece was born.

A thoughtful look into the creative process behind the makings of a custom tattoo sleeve design illustration by Rebecca Miller featuring Doc Hammer of the Venture Bros.

[Upper left-hand photo] The rough sketch for the tattoo sleeve design illustration is hewed out onto a sheet of luxuriously soft cotton rag 110b white paper.

The feel of this paper is oh-so-charming that I know fellow letterpress printers flock to it for their haute couture wedding invites and business cards. Illustrators fawn over it as well since it’s a nice balance between hot and cold press. Re: hot press paper = generally smooth. Cold press paper = textured and slightly rough.

[Upper right-hand photo] After many critical edits, re-works and fine-tuning of the overall composition… the drawing is then inked. Microns and Faber Castel brush pens were used as they tend not to smudge or rub off when using an eraser to clean-out pencil lifework.

[Bottom photo] Finally, the last bit of inking is done and the artwork is digitized and cleaned-up thoroughly via Adobe Photoshop (hint: Brightness Contrast and Image>Adjustments>Threshold are your friends, really).

Lastly, color is digitally added as well as the final finishing touches. Usually I wait at least three days so the artwork can “sit” and I can come back to it. Normally, the composition is minutely tweaked until completed or my original rough final is still what I had in mind and no further tweaks are needed.

A thoughtful look into the creative process behind the makings of a custom tattoo sleeve design illustration by Rebecca Miller featuring Doc Hammer of the Venture Bros.

Prints available here for a limited time! Enjoy! http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/framed-art-print/the-doc-is-sin/

(c) Rebecca Miller illustration.

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“Whappity Whappity”


If you are a lurker from Imgur (and you might be one) then the ol’ Whappity Whappity Stormtrooper meme in not lost on you… for all other’s here is a fun “in process” project for the upcoming central New York Tech Garden gallery exhibit “Star Wars vs. Star Trek: The Logical Choice”.

(Above) Pencil drawings and roughs always come first. Notice all the smudges and eraser crud?


Laying down red color layers. Watercolor, liquid acrylic and gosh knows what else!


Greys and blacks are the last step along with touch-ups and overall composition checks. Thanks for scrollin’ and if you’d like to pick up a print.


"Whappity Whappity" stormtrooper illustration piece by Rebecca Miller in the Tech Garden "Star Wars vs Star Trek: A Logical Choice" group art exhibit. Rebecca Miller illustration."Whappity Whappity" art gallery exhibit 2016. Rebecca Miller illustration.

This post first appeared on January 17th, 2016. “Whappity Whappity” was featured in the 2016 “Star Wars vs. Star Trek: A Logical Choice” group art exhibit at The Tech Garden Gallery in Syracuse New York.

The piece will also be a part of the upcoming 2016 group exhibit “On My Own Time” at The Everson Museum of Art from October 8th, 2016 – November 11th, 2016.

(c) Rebecca Miller illustration

From the Archive: “Inanimate”

inanimate Rebecca Miller Illustration

“Inanimate” is one of those moods where time stops or slugs along like syrup in winter next to icebergs. But you ever get the sense of being inanimate when everything rushes around you… so fast that it stops still or you do? Let me know what you think is inanimate to you? And yes, Keanu’s Reeves acting style has been counting in on the tally in the One Day One Sketch scoreboard.

This archived sketch was first posted on August 29th, 2011.

(c) Rebecca Miller illustration

From the Archive: “Inked” rough final

"Inked" dapper vintage octopus illustration sketch - Rebecca Miller illustration.

"Inked" dapper vintage octopus illustration - Rebecca Miller illustration

This post first appeared on June 20th, 2013. The piece “Inked” was featured in the 2013 “On My Own Time” group exhibit at the Everson Museum of Art and the Szozda Gallery in Syracuse, NY. The piece was also featured on the Redbubble blog here in the “Tattoo Artworks that Would Look Good on Both Paper and Skin (and shirts and cases and stickers) article.

Prints, stickers, and tee shirts available here!

(c) Rebecca Miller illustration