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Rebecca Miller is an American illustrator and graphic designer best known for her clean, minimalist illustrations and humor-themed subjects. Born in Texas and raised in Michigan, Miller's unique illustration work is shaped by her studies at Alma College (BFA in Illustration & Graphic Design with Departmental Honors and Design Scholarship Awards) and her participation with the New York Arts Program (New York City) while working with Welcome Books and the boutique graphic design studio Rappy & Co. The driving creative forces behind Miller's work are clean typographic designs, pop culture, graphic novel art, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick's The Venture Bros. series, tattoo design, and tongue-in-cheek humor. With gallery shows ranging from Michigan, New York, and Florida, Miller is now currently expanding her portfolio and is in the works on a long-overdue graphic novel.

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From the Archive: “Inanimate”

inanimate Rebecca Miller Illustration

“Inanimate” is one of those moods where time stops or slugs along like syrup in winter next to icebergs. But you ever get the sense of being inanimate when everything rushes around you… so fast that it stops still or you do? Let me know what you think is inanimate to you? And yes, Keanu’s Reeves acting style has been counting in on the tally in the One Day One Sketch scoreboard.

This archived sketch was first posted on August 29th, 2011.

(c) Rebecca Miller illustration

From the Archive: “Blank” illustration

Blank Thoughts Illustration - Rebecca Miller illustration

Blank” really zoned in on those rare, somewhat blissful, or happenstance moments where everything around you is just white noise. Background music. Elevator music if you’re that panned out. Although, come to admit, maybe it’s just spacing out sketching for the One Day One Sketch blog. Hmmm.

This post first appeared on September 6th, 2011. 

(c) Rebecca Miller illustration

From the Archive: “Nauseated”


That’s the last time we’re downing a gallon of milk in under an hour. Just the thought of slamming it and keeping it in for a half hour after. Feeling kinda sick and wait… wait… we’re a little Nauseated thinking about it coming back up.

Urp. We’re just gonna… gonna lie down for a while.

This post appeared on April 13, 2012. A print of this illustration piece was featured at the Redbubble Australian headquarters in 2012. Prints and t shirts available here.

(c) Rebecca Miller illustration

From the Archive: “Inked” rough final

"Inked" dapper vintage octopus illustration sketch - Rebecca Miller illustration.

"Inked" dapper vintage octopus illustration - Rebecca Miller illustration

This post first appeared on June 20th, 2013. The piece “Inked” was featured in the 2013 “On My Own Time” group exhibit at the Everson Museum of Art and the Szozda Gallery in Syracuse, NY. The piece was also featured on the Redbubble blog here in the “Tattoo Artworks that Would Look Good on Both Paper and Skin (and shirts and cases and stickers) article.

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(c) Rebecca Miller illustration

From the Archive: “Beer C.H.U.D.”

beer chud illustration. Rebecca Miller illustration.

Inspired by a frothy demon residue smudge in a pint of Sam Adams Winter Lager, this friendly beer C.H.U.D. showed up just in time at Trivia Night recently. Slainte!

This post first appeared on January 20th, 2014. Stickers available here for limited time.