About rebeccamillerillustration

Rebecca Miller is an American illustrator and graphic designer best known for her clean, minimalist illustrations and humor-themed subjects. Born in Texas and raised in Michigan, Miller's unique illustration work is shaped by her studies at Alma College (BFA in Illustration & Graphic Design with Departmental Honors and Design Scholarship Awards) and her participation with the New York Arts Program (New York City) while working with Welcome Books and the boutique graphic design studio Rappy & Co. The driving creative forces behind Miller's work are clean typographic designs, pop culture, graphic novel art, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick's The Venture Bros. series, tattoo design, and tongue-in-cheek humor. With gallery shows ranging from Michigan, New York, and Florida, Miller is now currently expanding her portfolio and is in the works on a long-overdue graphic novel.

Happy Caturday (Maneki Neko)

Happy Caturday!

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Sketching Sunday: free the idea

#sketchingsunday: For when you need to work out a concept on paper and just see where the idea (contained or not) takes you.

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“Nauseated” in the Central New York Yo Mama! Art Gallery Show at Wildflowers

Awesome artwork at the Wildflowers Armory (@wildflowers_syr ) going on!

Stop by today to see “Nauseated” + stellar works by fellow cool Central New York artists : Jamie Becker Kekevian, Hannah Bewsher, Lisa Kane Richards, Ian Reed, @rawpatches (Rebecca Miller), Kara Lynn Daviau, Misse Thomas, Lee Spencer + more!

The show runs for the next month if you can’t get out to see it today with your Mama!

On Over-arcing Storylines


Ever get to that point where you are wee bit stuck on how to organize and lay out the story you want to tell (especially if you’ve a lot of tangents, concepts, and snippets to try to bring together)?

Check out Dan Harmon’s (Rick & Morty) 8-step plot circle. A very good resource especially when you find your focused on one tree when you need to look at the whole forest. Enjoy!

Characters (update)

Moving into the character concept development phase and it’s been going pretty well. Starting to see how the players will take to the stage and height differences. E.g. where does someone’s elbow line up next to another character.

Also, nice excursion to a local Japanese tea house will get the creative hubbub roaring. Highlights included Pu erh, Lapsang Suchong, and a nice matcha. Yes, that’s three teapots going at once.