From the Archive: Self-portraits

From January 21st, 2015 blog post


Realizing this now, there hasn’t been a self portrait done in about ten years. Really. It’s not a subject I pursue (one i avoid) but with this graphic novel coming into the forefront this quick lil piece helped breakthrough some stylistic goals and rubric that I wanted the feel of novel to towards. Call it the beginning character sheet for what’s to come.

From January 25th, 2015 blog post


This is a very simple sketched out visual solution to part of the style I’m aiming to render most if not all of the graphic novel in. Playing heftily on the use of positive and negative space as well as three main colors: black, white, and tan.

This is a rough sketch of “drained”. Or when that feeling when you get when something (energy, belief, life force etc) is just leaking out somehow. Its a concept that’s been rolling around in my noggin for some time but hasn’t properly executed itself until about a day or ago.

From November 10th, 2015 blog post

self-portrait-water-lines-rebecca-miller-illustration self-portrait-water-lines-close-up-rebecca-miller-illustration


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